Innovative Youth Worker Training

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Experience an environment of spiritual refreshment, academic challenge and relevant youth ministry training through online courses, face to face practicums and ongoing relationships through our expanding nationwide network!

In conjunction with Freedom in Christ Ministries USA, Generation Freedom is pleased offer CFM 301 Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ and CFM 302 Identity Based Spiritual Formation.

CFM 301

Learn how to touch an "at-risk" postmodern generation with the life-transforming message of freedom, effectively utilizing principles of Discipleship Counseling.

CFM 302

Want more from the teens you work with than just "good" or "moral" teens? CFM 302 is not required to attend a Youth Leader Practicum, but highly recommended as you strive to train disciples that have a real relationship with Christ.

Customized Help

Generation Freedom realizes that every student ministry is unique. The vision and passion of each youth pastor and ministry team is a distinctive work based on the specific context of ministry. Therefore, resources and ministry counsel must be adaptable. One size does not fit all. The story and journey of your ministry must have priority. We want to appreciate what it is like to walk a mile in your shoes. From that point, we can begin to offer freedom ministry suggestions in the following areas:
  • Establishing a Freedom in Christ Ministry Ethos
  • Helping Teens in Crisis
  • Developing Leaders (Teens and Adult sponsors)
  • Creating Intergenerational Opportunities
  • Reconciling Relationships

Great Teen Resources

Good resources are hard to come by these days. A good ministry tool should in many ways be "plug and play" when it comes to bible believing youth ministries. Be sure to check out our expanding line of resources on the Freedom in Christ Ministries online store: