Prevention Project

Generation Freedom is pleased to partner with the Richmond Justice Initiative in the development of a cutting edge program, the Prevention Project© curriculum, designed to educate, equip and empower young people in the prevention of human trafficking and abolition of modern day slavery.

With nearly 30 million victims across the globe, and with 100,000 victims in the United States alone, and with a median age of U.S. victims at 12 years old, human trafficking stands as the 2nd largest criminal industry in the world. The Prevention Project stands in the midst of this tragedy with a powerful response: to prevent and end human trafficking and create leaders in the abolitionist movement.

The Prevention Project is a 6 lesson academic curriculum administered to high/middle school students, in their classrooms. The program focuses on educating the students on the issues of human trafficking locally and globally; developing healthy self-awareness and boundaries; strengthening character; and fostering leadership amongst the students. The Prevention Project program empowers students to be abolitionists, to lead their generations in the fight against human trafficking, and to be the ones who see the final demise of modern day slavery.

Generation Freedom was privileged to collaborate in curriculum development for this project. Two lessons addressing the connection between Pornography and Human Trafficking were crafted for public school presentation. These two sessions underscored the dignity of humanity and the dehumanizing effect of pornography along with the negative impact of porn consumption among adolescents.

When an individual begins to view porn, a dangerous path is opened, involving the dehumanization and objectification of women, which can eventually lead to buying sex from a person. Yet today, individuals in porn videos and those being purchased for sex are highly likely to be victims of abuse and exploitation in sex trafficking. This curriculum addresses the connections between porn, buying sex, and sex trafficking while asking: Is there a conclusive link between pornography and the sex trade industry?

For more information on bringing this unique program to your public school, private school or youth group, contact our friends at the Richmond Justice Initiative's Prevention Project program by emailing! (Click their logo below to visit their website

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