Israel 2020

An unforgettable Biblical tour of

The Holy Land

June 10 - 21, 2020

One of the most meaningful experiences in my life was the time I spent touring Israel, the land of the Bible. It was a trip that impacted my understanding of God and His Word like nothing else. In June 2020 I will be returning to this holy land to co-lead a tour with my friend and Bible expert Larry Bell and the renowned Ya'lla Tours. And I want you to be there!

In addition to the mind blowing visits to ancient locations, each day we will provide you with the best of historical context, Bible teaching, reflection and sharing. We are even working to make a pre-tour devotional to get you ready for this spiritual journey!

Imagine seeing the same landscape Jesus saw, ascending the stairs of the ancient Temple, or soaking in the mystery of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. These life moments can change you forever.

Our host, Ya'lla Tours, is noted for their first class logistics, tourism safety and services. We'll stay in Israel's finest hotels, travel in deluxe motor coaches, and enjoy "insider" locations off the beaten path of nominal tourism. They take care of everything!

The best part of a trip to the Holy Land is to travel with friends. With a little bit of planning and more than a year to prepare, this trip is more than doable. So, why not make plans today to join us? It will awaken your soul to the story of Redemption. It will ignite your interest in the Word of God. It will transform your faith. Reserve your spot today!!

--Chris Campbell