There is no greater need for today's emerging generations than to know -- really know -- God their Father, to know who they are in Christ and to walk out their relationship with God in the power of the Holy Spirit. When people truly "get it" they become the most zealous followers of Christ and serve as fire-seeds for spiritual renewal in their churches, work places and communities. Tragically, so many of our Christian young people are stuck in neutral or are rolling downhill backwards out of control, unable to overcome the chains of childhood abuse, broken homes, and an increasingly immoral culture. The result? Depression, despair, anxiety, eating disorders, seeking out spiritual counterfeits or numbing pain through activity, substances or dead end relationships. Generation FREEdom, a unique, teen based branch of Freedom in Christ Ministries, provides a way out of those chains and into a new life of liberty in Christ. Chris & Cynthia Campbell are veterans of youth ministry and ministries geared toward the postmodern mindset, having forged their "identity-based discipleship" strategies as youth pastors in their home church. Out of the wonderfully Christ-transformed lives of the students they have worked with, this ministry has been born. I have a deep love and admiration for this couple and marvel at the insight and wisdom and passion the Lord has given them to see captive captives set free. I wholeheartedly commend them to you as ministers of grace, truth and integrity.

Rich Miller
Executive Director, FICM-US
For the past several years Chris Campbell has played an important role at the annual Awakening Music Festival and for Awakening Ministries, Inc. We strive as an organization to reach the youth in our area with the positive and life changing message that can only be found in the person of Jesus Christ. Gaining ‘Freedom in Christ’ is the path that we want to see all young people on. During the annual music festival we have been privileged to have Chris organize and lead a workshop for youth leaders that focuses on reaching teens and young adults in a biblical fashion as they face obstacles that may seem insurmountable. Whether it is dealing with things like depression or the struggle to maintain purity, Chris has been able to equip the attendees of the workshop with a biblical and Christ-centered approach to helping the young people of today overcome these challenges.

Chris is a dear friend, a Warrior for Christ, and a fellow Watchman on the Wall that I am always privileged to serve alongside as we try to Awaken a generation of young people to the freedom that they can have in a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Michael Stansbury
Awakening Ministries, Inc.
Leesburg, VA
I've known Chris Campbell through his contribution and involvement with the Prevention Project – a high school curriculum with a focus on preventing human trafficking and creating abolitionists. Specifically, Chris designed two sessions on the connections between pornography and sex trafficking. He captured the attention of the students from the moment he began with his incredibly relevant, dynamic, and personal message. In the words of one student: "My favorite lesson was Mr. Campbell's lesson simply because it was full of real, shocking statistics. Plus, it was something I normally wouldn't have had the chance to learn about in school." For addressing a normally "taboo" subject such as pornography, Chris found a perfect balance between speaking directly and yet respectfully about the issue. For anyone looking for a youth speaker who is relatable for teens, compelling, and dynamic, Chris is the one to talk to!

Sara Pomeroy
Director and Founder
Richmond Justice Initiative
After a recent missions scouting trip in an immensely spiritually dark region of Asia, I found myself reeling from a series of spiritual attacks. Each one of these attacks was focused in my thought life and emotions. Feelings of irrational fear, loneliness, and at times even doubt about my mission. Shortly after that trip I returned to the states for a 5-month sabbatical. I sought out counsel from Chris Campbell, knowing of his work with Freedom in Christ Ministries. After meeting with Chris several times and talking through the Biblical tactics given for facing the attacks of the enemy, I was able to return to that same region only 6 months later and had a very fruitful trip. The enemy tried to attack in some of the same manners, but this time I was fully prepared. In the months ahead I will be moving with a small team to that same location to begin a pioneering work among an unreached people group. I know that I can confidently face the strongholds of that region, and I am eternally grateful to Chris for taking the time to meet with me and help me to remember and stand firm again in the Truth of my identity and calling in Christ Jesus!

Missionary to Asia
I have worked with Chris Campbell in camp, retreat and other ministry settings for over 15 years, primarily because of his commitment to building relationships with students and guiding them toward discovering who they are in Christ. Year after year, graduates out of Chris' ministries go on to become church, community, campus and mission leaders. His love for and passion for teens and young people is a gift of God. His ideas are Biblically sound and culturally relevant. His life is a testimony to the pursuit of freedom in Christ. I wholeheartedly endorse Generation Freedom because of what it does and because of who is leading it.

Ken Edwards
President and CEO ICN Ventures
Recently our Youth Ministry booked Chris Campbell to be our keynote speaker for our largest youth event of the year. Chris was personal and professional. He displayed genuine compassion, empathy, and availability to our students. We also seldom see the level of expertise relating to the freedom we have in Christ. Chris also possesses high level speaking and teaching skills. He kept us intrigued due to his style, creativity, and sincerity. I highly recommend him for your next retreat or event.

Pastor Mike Golay
Friendship Church
Shakopee, MN
I have had the privilege of being a close friend and co-laborer with Chris and Cynthia Campbell in a number of settings over the last 18 years. Most recently, Chris served with me as co-pastor of our church in Ashburn, VA for four years, guiding our congregation to new levels of healing, peace, and spiritual growth. Of all those who have served our church community, Chris unquestionably brought some of the most important points of growth to our people, teaching them their identity in Christ, modeling what a life of surrender truly looks like, and guiding them towards personal freedom in their lives. He has a tremendous skill in counseling people through some of life's most difficult places, and an intense relational commitment to pursue their best. He and his family model a life of full devotion to Christ, sanctification and personal holiness. Chris teaches not just from his deep knowledge of scripture, but also from his own life as he strives to apply the fullness of scripture to all that he is.

All of us here at CrossCurrent Ministries would say that whoever has the privilege to experience his leadership and ministry care in their lives will be blessed!

Chris Eads
Founding Pastor
CrossCurrent Ministries
Ashburn, VA